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By     14, May, 2013

Tata Motors and Congnizant using OneRing

We have just finished a pilot project for Congnizant on Missed Call Platform and a second project is underway.  We are really excited to see how the events are being triggered in an application through a missed calls. Some one has rightly said, “there is no end of innovation”. We have been getting lot of positive responses from our developer community after launch of  WebHook API”s. Now integration of OneRing missed call service into any third party application / CRM / ERP is just like eating a piece of cake. You can develop your own logic,  put your online slots own idea or do what ever you want once the user information hits your URL by OneRing server.

Our Quality Score feature in hook up API also addresses the issue of SPAM, using a sophisticated algorithm table. You can always change your  SPAM settings based on your need/ project requirement. We have tried to make OneRing more scalable and generic platform.

Recently we have got the opportunity to work with Tata Motors, who are using OneRing missed call platform to collect feedback from their valued clients  through missed call.

It gives us immense pleasure to see how innovative ideas are pouring in from all across the corporate world to utilize our innovative missed call platform in a greater way.

Microsoft Research Team has a different plant to utilize  our Missed Call platform. We are just waiting and excited to see how this relationship goes forward in future.

We will keep sharing  our experiences and our stories through this forum. We hope, you must be having your own idea on Missed Call. Come share with us, we are there to extend our support.


Team OneRing

By     19, Dec, 2012

Toll-Free 1800 number India

Toll Free 1800 number India

Now you can buy 1800 series Toll Free numbers in India in few mouse clicks online and configure you landing numbers to your preferred mobile number or a landline number.

A pre-defined IVR can also be configured on your Toll Free number (1800) with a welcome message.  Toll Free 1800 series number provides a professional image of big company. Since it mobile casino is Toll Free, your customer response increases more than 400 times.

Toll Free 1800 series number can also be used for missed call service and lead management service.  These numbers are widely used for following industries:

Real Estate

Educational Institute

Financial Institutions

Auto mobile Industry

Inventory enquiry

Missed call voting

Toll free numbers are having pan India coverage and can be dialed even from your mobile phone. We also provide customised plan for high value clients based on monthly calling value.

Our 1800 series Toll Free numbers are easy to remember. We also provide Call Back Service and Click to call service on your Toll Free number.

Hurry ! Book your 1800 series toll Free number today.

Login to your dedicated portal to book your number now.

By     8, Dec, 2012

Missed Call Service India : The new era

Recently there has been a big leap shown by enterprise houses to adopt missed call service to promote their business and brand. Groupon India and Quikr has recently adopted  missed call platform to promote hot deals and local searches in the local city.  PNB (Punjab National Bank) has already offered balance enquiry system through missed call.

We have also seen in the past, reality shows like Dance India Dance (DID), using Missed call for voting for their respective clients.

Recently our casino online own platfrom Onering (Missed call service provider) has finished a campaign with Cognizant for their event.

Trend shows that the tag line missed call attracts people to put an attention to any product or service. Finally, Missed call service in India, has been able to attract the customers from every corner of India.

We are really excited about the response and feed back we receive from our clients. Recently we have included 1800 series numbers and regular mobile numbers into our system as the requirement differs from client to client.

We have also developed a mechanism where client can use their existing 1800 series toll free number or any mobile number to host on our existing platform. In short we can manage your numbers as well. Our state of art control panel  takes care of all the leads, storing and forwarding it to your database etc.

Get in touch with me at 09726688990 for any custom need.



By     6, Dec, 2012

1800 Series Toll Free Number

With rapid globalisation,  new startups are aware and efficient  enough to invest for right tools for their business. Toll Free  number for any organisation is one of such tool which keeps your client happy and expands your business dimension.

Usually numbers starting with 1800 series are Toll Free numbers. Along with its advantage of being toll free for end users, the entire rental is paid by the company to operator. It has been expressed by various startups  in future that they have opted for Toll Free number out of fascination, but in due course, they realized the recurring burden of Telephone bill.

To over come such online slots issue, one ring has invented, missed call service on 1800 series Toll Free number. The call gets disconnected and logged in a database, which can be accessed by company through our online portal along with Ge-location of the caller. Genuine leads thus can be shared with sales team and they can callback to the desired missed calls as per their convenience.

Apart from this, the leads will be available to you for future use as well.

By     23, Sep, 2012

Missed Call Service

Why its important for me to opt for a missed call service ?  

We invest hours together to educate various business entities and sales people why they need a permanent missed call number at their disposal. After several hours of free consultancy, we at thought of writing this article for benefit of global audience.

Usually we rely on our sales people for handling all business leads. Subsequently mobile phone takes care of the sales call. At the end of the day, it becomes very difficult for the sales guy to figure out which was the most important call for him. After a week it becomes impossible to trace out his hot Monday lead.

Situation turns panic, when the marketing people starts a SMS campaingn, and appends sales number in the SMS body. If the campaign goes well, the calls keep pouring, and in one hour he can find that there are dozens of missed call he could not take on his phone as he was busy handling a single call. What to do with those missed calls? Few are called back, few were ignored.

What is the solution ?

First of all he should have a Missed call number. Secondly he can go to his mobile call forwarding settings and configure — Forward calls to My Missed call number when ever he is busy.

Secondly he can login to his Missed call control panel and configure auto reply SMS (Thank you for calling us, we will revert back to you very shortly). This way he keeps his caller informed, how much he care for their calls.

Finally, he can download his MIS of all missed calls in Excel file and keep calling them one by one as per his convenience.

Any other benefit ?

Yes, there are multiple benefit of having missed call service

1. All missed calls are his hot lead. He need not to brows his mobile phone now and then to sort out missed calls which he received.

2. When ever any new product or service is launched he has his hot lead at his disposal. This will save his cost of running a large campaign again.

3. You can always analyse the impact of your campaign in real time

Our recommendation

We always recommend not to publish any human mobile number in you advertising campaign or Bulk SMs campaign. There reason behind this is, it very difficult to handle calls on the day of campaign. More over you can not analyse the campaign result effectively.

The best way out is always publish your missed call number in you campaigns and then you can download the leads and keep contacting your prospective client.

You can experience our missed call service simply by just giving a missed call to 02653090555 . Its Toll Free and call gets disconnected after one ring. A password is sent to your mobile which can be used to login to your missed call service account. Username will be your mobile number.




By     9, Jul, 2012

Missed Call Toll Free Number :: Lead Management

What is the biggest concern of lead management?

Generating Leads
Managing Leads
Converting Leads

Why we have termed them major concern?

A sales process always starts from a simple lead, which converts to “Potential” lead and then to “Sales”. Without effectively managing the leads, which is the case with most of the solutions generally tends to loss of business. In most of the cases companies put their employee’s mobile number to gather leads which eventually get lost in due course of time.

What can be done to overcome this concern?

Innovation in technology is what drives business these days and we have many of them which last for several decades. One such innovation which has catered to the needs of thousands of clients across India and elsewhere is missed call alert. It is also known as lead generation tool. Marketing can generate thousand of leads but you should be equipped to manage them.
Once the lead is generated through a successful marketing campaign, you need to sum it up through effective management and follow up. With the help of our toll free missed call service, your leads can simply call up the number, give missed call and hang up. The number gets recorded in our database and from there starts your process of sales.
MIS of generated leads are updated in real-time and are available in your control panel in various formats such as xls, csv, pdf etc.
The customer or lead doesn’t have to spend for the call as it is toll free service. Since, the service is free of cost, the targeted customer won’t mind giving a missed call and this ensures that the company gets as many responses as possible.
Our missed call platform is based on cloud telephony system and can capture upto 500 leads per second and can be scaled depending on client specific requirement.
Our Toll-free Missed Call Service platform has the ability to notify the caller with automated SMS greetings.

Feel free start a demo account just by giving a missed call to 02653090555

Team One Ring


By     9, Mar, 2012

Reach Your Audience Instantly with Missed Call

One Ring is a web-based platform that lets you create instant feed back, voting, business lead generation, mobile verification system through a Missed Call on our Toll Free OneRing number.

For Software Developers

Developer community has always been our preferred choice, as our every innovation has been accepted, recognised and applauded by them. Their inspiration led us to innovate this unique casino online missed call service. This service can seamlessly be integrated in any web/desktop application or CRM application through our API, for user registration, user verification, information pulling from database by just one missed call.