OneRing Missed Call Voting
Missed Call Live Voting Tata Prima Racing

When it comes to racing, its an extremely exciting moment for all. Similar excitement was felt by team Onering when Tata Motor approached us for conducting a live Voting event for their prestigious TATA Prima Truck Racing.

Task was challenging as they expected a big spike during the lap as the voting was live. We are proud of Onering team and engineers who took the challenge gracefully and designed a customized platform using our cloud telephony infrastructure with live feed to make the event more exciting.

Its is well said that challenges make you stronger and increases your commitment level. It forces you to think out of the box and raises your bar.

At the end, it has been established that Missed Call can really  be a great tool to engage your audience for any live voting event. It is also observed that due to simplicity of engagement  channel (i.e missed call), participation increases by 400% with compared to SMS voting.