When OneRing was launched, it took us almost a week to decide that one tagline which will really justify our existence. And finally it was “Run you business with just OneRing”. It was a challenge ahead of us to make this tagline a reality in true spirit. We really did not have a clear road map at that time on how OneRing will really help businesses to run by just a missed call on a larger prospective.

Thanks to our customers who really helped us in improving our product . We also have strong connect with developer community who really share great feedback which adds value to the product. We compiled all suggestion and started choosing which were feasible and beneficial for a large chunk of customers. And the journey to making of OneRing 2.0 began.

Investing in a product without any VC/Angel funding is really challenging if you do not plan your expenditure well and backed by a strong sales team. Work started and it took us 8 months to be ready with OneRing 2.0 with integrated CRM. Let me briefly explain about the product .

OneRing provides a dedicated number to enterprises to run their marketing campaigns on our cloud telephony platform which is deployed over all the FOUR Zone in India (North, South, East and West). Caller and Called numbers are captured along with precise information on Operator and Circle (may not be accurate for MNP) and all other relevant information is logged in to our cloud server. Our intelligent SPAM algorithm takes care of possible SPAM. Every call is disconnected after a ring, thus caller is not charged any thing. We may call it a tollfree call.

Subsequently a copy of all relevant information is automatically distributed among agents/pre-sale executives in round robin manner. Agents can login online on OneRing website or use Mobile App to connect with the leads via SMS/Call for further qualifying the lead and take it to next level. Our integrated CRM helps them to connect with their leads throughout the life-cycle of sales, with the help of in-built SMS/Click2Call functionality.

Sales Manager can easily swipe the leads between agents and measure the sales matrix online. Any lead once converted to customer can be optionally moved to any third party CRM through RESTful API.

Interface also have the functionality to trigger SMS campaign on leads/customers/ nurturing-leads at any point of time.

Following screenshot will give you a better idea.

Missed Call CRM


Our basic aim of building this product was to accommodate every startup and small business without investing any money in building costly infrastructure or setting up any call center.

We hope you like OneRing 2.0 in this new Avatar. Keep sharing your valuable feedback at support@onering.in

Team OneRing