Integration of missed call service with your application or CRM

In recent past, we have been getting lot of request from our enterprise clients to integrate Missed Call into their CRM through a public call back URL. We have decided to write this article to have a basic understanding on how it works. Kindly note, a certain amount of programming knowledge is required to follow this tutorial.

Here are the steps:

1. Login to your account at

2. Go to Activities menu on top and select OneRing to Connect from sub-menu

3. You can see all your OneRing to Connect activities. Simply click on Edit button/link against the activity you want to configure.

4. You can see multiple Tabs. Click on URL Forwarding TAB.

5. Click on Edit button to configure URL setting as per following details:

Url Forwarding settings

URL Post Status :
Http WebHook Method :
URL Details :
Dynamic Response :

Brief Details:

(a) URL Post status: You can enable/disable it as per your requirement
(b) Http WebHook Method: You can select Get/ Post method depending on your requirement
(c) URL Details: Enter your public url and page in. Need not to add any query string here. Our system will automatically append query string on this url.

You need to provide your complete url e.g
When an incoming call comes in, it will be forwarded to your URL as per following details (with the real values) – 16:52:57.243;
The variables we  append to your URL in the form of query string. Details of variable are appended below:
who – phone numer of the incoming sms
ChannelID – Your missed call number
Circle – Circle of incoming missed call number
Operator – Operator of incoming missed call number
QualityScore – best online casino Quality Score of caller (0 zero is best)
DateTime – Caller Called DateTime

(d) Dynamic response: In case dynamic response is enabled, response received from your server will be delivered as SMS text to the Caller (person giving missed call). So make sure there is no HTML in the response. We have guided you in the example below how to avoid HTML in your response. Remember, dynamic response should be quick enough from your server other wise a time-out error may occur.

Sample page

You have to write the following code in your Page Load Event to capture missed call details.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)




string mobileNumber = Request[who].Trim();

string myMissedCallNumber= Request[ChannelID].Trim();

string circle= Request[Circle].Trim();

string operator= Request[Operator].Trim();

string qualityScore= Request[QualityScore].Trim();

string dateTimeStamp= Request[DateTime].Trim();

// Now you have the incoming missed call details and callers mobile number. You can write your code here to insert the details in your database

Response.Write(“Success”); // You can also change the response message.

Response.End(); // This is required because we do not want any HTML code/tag in your response.



Feel free to contact your product manager in case you need any further help.


Team OneRing