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Archive from May, 2013
By     14, May, 2013

Tata Motors and Congnizant using OneRing

We have just finished a pilot project for Congnizant on Missed Call Platform and a second project is underway.  We are really excited to see how the events are being triggered in an application through a missed calls. Some one has rightly said, “there is no end of innovation”. We have been getting lot of positive responses from our developer community after launch of  WebHook API”s. Now integration of OneRing missed call service into any third party application / CRM / ERP is just like eating a piece of cake. You can develop your own logic,  put your online slots own idea or do what ever you want once the user information hits your URL by OneRing server.

Our Quality Score feature in hook up API also addresses the issue of SPAM, using a sophisticated algorithm table. You can always change your  SPAM settings based on your need/ project requirement. We have tried to make OneRing more scalable and generic platform.

Recently we have got the opportunity to work with Tata Motors, who are using OneRing missed call platform to collect feedback from their valued clients  through missed call.

It gives us immense pleasure to see how innovative ideas are pouring in from all across the corporate world to utilize our innovative missed call platform in a greater way.

Microsoft Research Team has a different plant to utilize  our Missed Call platform. We are just waiting and excited to see how this relationship goes forward in future.

We will keep sharing  our experiences and our stories through this forum. We hope, you must be having your own idea on Missed Call. Come share with us, we are there to extend our support.


Team OneRing