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Archive from December, 2012
By     19, Dec, 2012

Toll-Free 1800 number India

Toll Free 1800 number India

Now you can buy 1800 series Toll Free numbers in India in few mouse clicks online and configure you landing numbers to your preferred mobile number or a landline number.

A pre-defined IVR can also be configured on your Toll Free number (1800) with a welcome message.  Toll Free 1800 series number provides a professional image of big company. Since it mobile casino is Toll Free, your customer response increases more than 400 times.

Toll Free 1800 series number can also be used for missed call service and lead management service.  These numbers are widely used for following industries:

Real Estate

Educational Institute

Financial Institutions

Auto mobile Industry

Inventory enquiry

Missed call voting

Toll free numbers are having pan India coverage and can be dialed even from your mobile phone. We also provide customised plan for high value clients based on monthly calling value.

Our 1800 series Toll Free numbers are easy to remember. We also provide Call Back Service and Click to call service on your Toll Free number.

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By     8, Dec, 2012

Missed Call Service India : The new era

Recently there has been a big leap shown by enterprise houses to adopt missed call service to promote their business and brand. Groupon India and Quikr has recently adopted  missed call platform to promote hot deals and local searches in the local city.  PNB (Punjab National Bank) has already offered balance enquiry system through missed call.

We have also seen in the past, reality shows like Dance India Dance (DID), using Missed call for voting for their respective clients.

Recently our casino online own platfrom Onering (Missed call service provider) has finished a campaign with Cognizant for their event.

Trend shows that the tag line missed call attracts people to put an attention to any product or service. Finally, Missed call service in India, has been able to attract the customers from every corner of India.

We are really excited about the response and feed back we receive from our clients. Recently we have included 1800 series numbers and regular mobile numbers into our system as the requirement differs from client to client.

We have also developed a mechanism where client can use their existing 1800 series toll free number or any mobile number to host on our existing platform. In short we can manage your numbers as well. Our state of art control panel  takes care of all the leads, storing and forwarding it to your database etc.

Get in touch with me at 09726688990 for any custom need.



By     6, Dec, 2012

1800 Series Toll Free Number

With rapid globalisation,  new startups are aware and efficient  enough to invest for right tools for their business. Toll Free  number for any organisation is one of such tool which keeps your client happy and expands your business dimension.

Usually numbers starting with 1800 series are Toll Free numbers. Along with its advantage of being toll free for end users, the entire rental is paid by the company to operator. It has been expressed by various startups  in future that they have opted for Toll Free number out of fascination, but in due course, they realized the recurring burden of Telephone bill.

To over come such online slots issue, one ring has invented, missed call service on 1800 series Toll Free number. The call gets disconnected and logged in a database, which can be accessed by company through our online portal along with Ge-location of the caller. Genuine leads thus can be shared with sales team and they can callback to the desired missed calls as per their convenience.

Apart from this, the leads will be available to you for future use as well.