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Archive from September, 2012
By     23, Sep, 2012

Missed Call Service

Why its important for me to opt for a missed call service ?  

We invest hours together to educate various business entities and sales people why they need a permanent missed call number at their disposal. After several hours of free consultancy, we at thought of writing this article for benefit of global audience.

Usually we rely on our sales people for handling all business leads. Subsequently mobile phone takes care of the sales call. At the end of the day, it becomes very difficult for the sales guy to figure out which was the most important call for him. After a week it becomes impossible to trace out his hot Monday lead.

Situation turns panic, when the marketing people starts a SMS campaingn, and appends sales number in the SMS body. If the campaign goes well, the calls keep pouring, and in one hour he can find that there are dozens of missed call he could not take on his phone as he was busy handling a single call. What to do with those missed calls? Few are called back, few were ignored.

What is the solution ?

First of all he should have a Missed call number. Secondly he can go to his mobile call forwarding settings and configure — Forward calls to My Missed call number when ever he is busy.

Secondly he can login to his Missed call control panel and configure auto reply SMS (Thank you for calling us, we will revert back to you very shortly). This way he keeps his caller informed, how much he care for their calls.

Finally, he can download his MIS of all missed calls in Excel file and keep calling them one by one as per his convenience.

Any other benefit ?

Yes, there are multiple benefit of having missed call service

1. All missed calls are his hot lead. He need not to brows his mobile phone now and then to sort out missed calls which he received.

2. When ever any new product or service is launched he has his hot lead at his disposal. This will save his cost of running a large campaign again.

3. You can always analyse the impact of your campaign in real time

Our recommendation

We always recommend not to publish any human mobile number in you advertising campaign or Bulk SMs campaign. There reason behind this is, it very difficult to handle calls on the day of campaign. More over you can not analyse the campaign result effectively.

The best way out is always publish your missed call number in you campaigns and then you can download the leads and keep contacting your prospective client.

You can experience our missed call service simply by just giving a missed call to 02653090555 . Its Toll Free and call gets disconnected after one ring. A password is sent to your mobile which can be used to login to your missed call service account. Username will be your mobile number.