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Archive from July, 2012
By     9, Jul, 2012

Missed Call Toll Free Number :: Lead Management

What is the biggest concern of lead management?

Generating Leads
Managing Leads
Converting Leads

Why we have termed them major concern?

A sales process always starts from a simple lead, which converts to “Potential” lead and then to “Sales”. Without effectively managing the leads, which is the case with most of the solutions generally tends to loss of business. In most of the cases companies put their employee’s mobile number to gather leads which eventually get lost in due course of time.

What can be done to overcome this concern?

Innovation in technology is what drives business these days and we have many of them which last for several decades. One such innovation which has catered to the needs of thousands of clients across India and elsewhere is missed call alert. It is also known as lead generation tool. Marketing can generate thousand of leads but you should be equipped to manage them.
Once the lead is generated through a successful marketing campaign, you need to sum it up through effective management and follow up. With the help of our toll free missed call service, your leads can simply call up the number, give missed call and hang up. The number gets recorded in our database and from there starts your process of sales.
MIS of generated leads are updated in real-time and are available in your control panel in various formats such as xls, csv, pdf etc.
The customer or lead doesn’t have to spend for the call as it is toll free service. Since, the service is free of cost, the targeted customer won’t mind giving a missed call and this ensures that the company gets as many responses as possible.
Our missed call platform is based on cloud telephony system and can capture upto 500 leads per second and can be scaled depending on client specific requirement.
Our Toll-free Missed Call Service platform has the ability to notify the caller with automated SMS greetings.

Feel free start a demo account just by giving a missed call to 02653090555

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