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By     15, Jun, 2017

Missed Call to App Download

Client engagement has never been easy. Recently one of client  have launched one app and wanted to connect maximum customers in shortest span of time.

We have suggested them to use missed to app download service for maximum result. It was new experiment for the client so they decided to go parallel and used conventional engagement channels along with missed call.

To his surprise, his print ad has generated 600% more downloads  through missed call over other channels.

The reason was simple. When your one page ad appears in a newspaper with a Toll Free number and download link, people find it more convenient to dial a number rather than typing a long url.  Our fingers are more used to dial a number. Moreover missed call adds more fun to it.

We have configure a predefined auto reply SMS containing App Download URL and a short message,  which was triggered against every missed call.

Solution was innovative yet simple. Our MIS gives a daily insight on client engagement.

Our SPAM algorithm takes care of unwanted or multiple requests.

To know more  on Missed call to app download solution you can call us at 9099096945





By     21, Mar, 2017

Onering sprints with Champions of TATA Prima Truck Racers

OneRing Missed Call Voting

Missed Call Live Voting Tata Prima Racing

When it comes to racing, its an extremely exciting moment for all. Similar excitement was felt by team Onering when Tata Motor approached us for conducting a live Voting event for their prestigious TATA Prima Truck Racing.

Task was challenging as they expected a big spike during the lap as the voting was live. We are proud of Onering team and engineers who took the challenge gracefully and designed a customized platform using our cloud telephony infrastructure with live feed to make the event more exciting.

Its is well said that challenges make you stronger and increases your commitment level. It forces you to think out of the box and raises your bar.

At the end, it has been established that Missed Call can really  be a great tool to engage your audience for any live voting event. It is also observed that due to simplicity of engagement  channel (i.e missed call), participation increases by 400% with compared to SMS voting.






By     27, Jul, 2016

Missed Call Cloud Telephony Service Extended

Over the period of time Missed Call service has been truly adopted across India as most preferred and most effective lead generation tool. In very short span of time OneRing has become one of the largest Missed Call service provider in India with its client base in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Varanasi, Kanpur, Noida, Delhi NCR etc.

Business entities and entrepreneurs have started realizing the true potential of Missed Call Marketing. With the growing  demand of the service from all the regions, we have gradually expanded our cloud telephony network to all four regions in India i.e North, South, East and West.

Our effort to establish PAN India presence was mainly focused on to promote “Bring Your Number” facility for our users.

Now our users can retain their own number by simply forwarding their mobile number to one of our Cloud Telephony platform in their region. BYN concept not only empowers you to manage your numbers more effectively but also gives you freedom of ownership.

Feel free to share your view on BYN concept at support .at. onering dot in.

You can also talk to our expert at  08030636103 for  any custom requirement.


Team OneRing



By     5, Sep, 2015

All New Support System – We Understand, We Help and We Care

Staying firm on its promise to provide clients dedicated support and help, OneRing has developed all new support system focused on quick and complete solution of the clients’ queries as well as problems. We feel glad to announce that recently updated support system is spontaneous, wise and logical enough to act, analysis and solve any sort of issue or query in quick instance of time.

Below are the key elements of our updated support system:

Available 7 days a Week – The problem doesn’t come after invitation; it can come any day, any time. Thus, we are available to offer support on all 7 days of a week. So, call us any day, any time, we will help you up to highest possible extent.

Expert @ Help – Our executive are thoroughly trained to offer dedicated help and support to the clients. They are capable of dealing with your every possible query or issue. Come to us with any logical problem or query, our executive will get it resolved in best possible time.

Patient Listening – Maintaining standard support decorum, our support executives maintain habit of listening to the queries or issues of the clients with complete patience, which will allow you to elaborate your problem or query and to get the most appropriate solution in return.

Update – We have developed the mechanism to intimate the client on the progress made in handling the issue of the client after every short interval of time. Also, the clients will be confirmed on the complete solution of the problem.

Feedback – We will consider our-self in win situation only when we have satisfied clients. Thus, we would like to have feedback from you regarding your experience you had in using our service. Your feedback will help us to become better over and over again.

Our updated support system has been already brought into action. You can reach us @ and 08030636104. Looking forward to help YOU!

  • 08030636104
By     10, Aug, 2015

Miss Call – Count on it for Quick Business Leads

When it comes to marketing & promotion, there are a number of things that work together to bring leads to the business. If we look at the recent development in the marketing & branding strategy, we will find that – the ingredients are dynamic, which collaboratively making it quicker to leave a flash like impact. So, that the option of ‘re-think’ can be easily removed from the mindset of targeted audience.

The term Miss Call is the same form of marketing, quick effective and easy. The commercial arena has been using the mobile phone services since more than a decade. In this period of time, telephony technology has been used in many ways. Now, it is the time for cloud telephony. In this fast paced world, nobody has enough of time to spend on single thing. People now tend to do as many things as possible in a day. Thus, they choose the things that are quick in making impact and miss call service justify with the situation and need.

Here, when we know the mood of the audience, the only thing is needed is the strategy that can be easily woven in their mind to make a quick yet amazing impact. Miss call service is capable to get integrated with any logical idea. Here, you will not require the marketing tricks or the guidelines of the expert, all you need to derive an idea that can be weaved into miss call service. Whether it is your business idea, promotion idea or any random thought, miss call service can extract maximum productivity out of the same, thereby delivering more than you expect.

Coming on to the budget part, miss call service is highly cost-effective, which makes it to fall into budget limit of the masses. So, whatever your business, whosoever your targeted audience is, miss call service is compatible to bring you the leads in any given scenario.

By     21, May, 2015

Why Miss Calls are better for Client Interaction?

In the recent years, the technology has changed a lot. The people are confused about which should be adopted and which should be dropped. But in this ever changing technology wave, the mobile phones have stayed firm. However, the mobile phone technology is also upgraded but not changed. Where, in this world, the people are categorized on the basis of technology they use; in the same world, mobile phones are used by all.

Thus, if you are into any sort of business and want the help of the technology to promote your brand, to connect with your customers, to take their feedback or to verify the online registration process, you should count on mobile phones.

Now, we need to figure out what should be done with the mobile phones to make the reach to maximum targeted audience. Mobile phones are capable of doing multiple things, from mails to video calls and what not? But again the question is what should be accepted and what should be left? Thus, we need to go to the roots from where it all started. Yes! Exactly, it is the calls for which cell phones were originated.

However, it is also a fact that there is nothing new in reaching the customers and prospects via call. Moreover, it is a flop idea now as most of the people get disturbed when anyone calls them on their phone for any purpose in their productive hours and that too without prior intimation.

Most of the people get stuck in one of the situations mentioned above and happen to choose a method without testing its credibility, workability and reliability. This way they end up with nothing much productive in their hand. But, you need not to worry as you can use the Miss Call service to reach out to your customers or prospects for any defined reason.

Through miss call service, an individual receives a toll free number. This toll free number can be used for any suitable purpose. Whenever, any individual make a call on miss call number, the call get automatically disconnected after a ring.

Individual just needs to get it published in print media, electronic media or at any suitable place. Further, the interested people can call on the published number and information pertaining to those people will be saved in back end control panel allocated to the individual with Toll Free Number. Further, the data can be processed for business benefits, like – generating leads, connecting with clients and taking their feedback.

This is how Miss Calls service work. It is simple, interactive, quick, reliable and effective; and I guess that’s all we want from a technology.

By     5, May, 2015

Missed Call Service Bringing Big Changes in Corporate Corridor

In the past decade, the businesses have seen major changes coming their way in terms of technology. Those who have adopted the changes without delay are running smoothly, while others are either shut down or are on the same way down. The early years of 21 century brought the internet revolution with them. Now, what we can see on the web was all started a decade ago. Here, when we see closely, we will find that it took 10 long years to the internet to get widely spread in the corporate sector.

But, in case of Smartphone and supporting technology, it took just 3-4 years to overtake the commercial world. This clearly indicates that people are quickly accepting the innovative changes and creating a space for such changes in their daily personal and professional life.

The terms ‘Toll-Free Numbers’ and ‘Missed Calls’ are exactly the new innovation on the way to conquer all other methods for quick client interacting in the corporate houses. The increasing impact of toll-free numbers and missed call technology can be clearly understood from a study, which states – ‘In India, there has been tremendous increase in number of businesses using missed call services and toll free numbers. In the first three months of Year-2015, there has been increment of 21% in the number of people using them.

The main reason backing the overwhelming success of missed call service is its effective nature in making quick reach to the clients and that too at surprisingly low cost. While other methods, like – online promotion and E-Mail marketing have not been able to interact with the targeted audience promisingly.

The corporate world has always preferred the quick and efficient methods in dealing with the end customers and in reaching out to fresh clients. However, online methods were making it easy, but as we know – the desire for more and better is the authorized signature of the business world. Missed call service and toll free numbers not only help in speedy client interaction, but also integrate with other technical methods to improve their performance and in making them more reliable.

From clients’ feedback to verification of online registration, missed call service is playing a key part in almost every crucial area. That’s how; missed call service is waving the commercial industry positively.

With the increasing impact of missed call service, the business sector is changing gradually as their various in-houses processes are now more secured and paced up.

By     16, Nov, 2013

Quikr: goes for OneRing to Connect

Quikr was launched on 12 July 2008 and is currently present in more than 900 cities across India. Quikr provides the local community with a platform to help them buy, sell, rent and find something and address needs across many categories. These categories include  Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics etc.

Since its launch, the company has been very innovative in its marketing strategy. In order take their innovation to a new high,  they have opted to use OneRing to Connect (missed call service) platform for one of their new campaign/activity.



By     15, Nov, 2013

Campa Cola Compund Residents got Justice

Recently Campa Cola Compound in Mumbai was in national news. Residents of this compound were fighting for justice since long.  Every emotional citizen has prayed for them immediately when the visuals appeared in newspapers and televisions showing helpless honest residents who were virtually forced to vacate their dream home .

Finally Honorable Supreme Courts have granted a relief.

Social media and innovating ways were used to voice their demands. Onering is proud to be associated in such noble movement for justice. Campa Cola Compund Residents have chosen “OneRing to Connect” to garner support from people across the nation through missed call. We salute their democratic way to fight for justice.

Team OneRing


By     25, Oct, 2013

Handling Missed Call through Call back URL

Integration of missed call service with your application or CRM

In recent past, we have been getting lot of request from our enterprise clients to integrate Missed Call into their CRM through a public call back URL. We have decided to write this article to have a basic understanding on how it works. Kindly note, a certain amount of programming knowledge is required to follow this tutorial.

Here are the steps:

1. Login to your account at

2. Go to Activities menu on top and select OneRing to Connect from sub-menu

3. You can see all your OneRing to Connect activities. Simply click on Edit button/link against the activity you want to configure.

4. You can see multiple Tabs. Click on URL Forwarding TAB.

5. Click on Edit button to configure URL setting as per following details:

Url Forwarding settings

URL Post Status :
Http WebHook Method :
URL Details :
Dynamic Response :

Brief Details:

(a) URL Post status: You can enable/disable it as per your requirement
(b) Http WebHook Method: You can select Get/ Post method depending on your requirement
(c) URL Details: Enter your public url and page in. Need not to add any query string here. Our system will automatically append query string on this url.

You need to provide your complete url e.g
When an incoming call comes in, it will be forwarded to your URL as per following details (with the real values) – 16:52:57.243;
The variables we  append to your URL in the form of query string. Details of variable are appended below:
who – phone numer of the incoming sms
ChannelID – Your missed call number
Circle – Circle of incoming missed call number
Operator – Operator of incoming missed call number
QualityScore – best online casino Quality Score of caller (0 zero is best)
DateTime – Caller Called DateTime

(d) Dynamic response: In case dynamic response is enabled, response received from your server will be delivered as SMS text to the Caller (person giving missed call). So make sure there is no HTML in the response. We have guided you in the example below how to avoid HTML in your response. Remember, dynamic response should be quick enough from your server other wise a time-out error may occur.

Sample page

You have to write the following code in your Page Load Event to capture missed call details.

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)




string mobileNumber = Request[who].Trim();

string myMissedCallNumber= Request[ChannelID].Trim();

string circle= Request[Circle].Trim();

string operator= Request[Operator].Trim();

string qualityScore= Request[QualityScore].Trim();

string dateTimeStamp= Request[DateTime].Trim();

// Now you have the incoming missed call details and callers mobile number. You can write your code here to insert the details in your database

Response.Write(“Success”); // You can also change the response message.

Response.End(); // This is required because we do not want any HTML code/tag in your response.



Feel free to contact your product manager in case you need any further help.


Team OneRing